If I had surgery for a bone infection and after a year they say it is necessary to do it again, is that covered by the warranty?


Last year I had surgery because the infection in my left lateral incisor tooth reached the bone and they told me that with that surgery I would no longer have problems with that tooth.
Months after the surgery, the mild pain remained the same, I asked for a check-up and the specialist said that the healing process was long and that he saw that it was healing. I don’t remember if I went for two or three check-ups because the pain remained the same, and the specialist said that what was bothering me was in another tooth and that it was not what he had operated on, but I know it was in the same area. A week ago I went because they called me and told me that they had to repeat the surgery because there was an infection. And I have to pay for the surgery again. If they didn’t remove the infection completely, shouldn’t the warranty cover that?
For the first surgery I had to ask for a loan because my salary is very low (17,800 sek) and now I have to ask for a new loan and I don’t know if they will give it to me because I have a big loan in the bank.
I will be very grateful for your response, because they scheduled the surgery for me very quickly (they wanted it for this week) and I managed to get it until the 28th.



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